Easter Time Travel

Happy Easter!

Our youngest son who is ten has said multiple times that if he could invent a time machine he would go back to the Garden of Eden and “Slap that apple out of Eve’s hand. If I did that people wouldn’t hurt or kill each other, there would be no sickness or death, no one would be racist, and I wouldn’t have to go to school because I would be so smart.”

I love how his “Time Travel” is to right the wrongs in the world by going back to the beginning of when that wrong started. The Garden. And of course how he can get out of school.

Here’s what I hope he understands as he continues to grow up and explore the Bible on his own.

There was time travel involved. Jesus did go back to the Garden when He surrendered His will as He prayed to His Father “If it is your will remove this cup from me, but not my will, yours be done.” He time traveled as He drew his last breath on the cross and asked why His Father had forsaken Him. He time traveled when He was in the grave for three days, for during that time He did take back all power and authority that was surrendered in the Garden of Eden. He time traveled when He burst forth out of the tomb victorious over death, hell and the grave, for in that moment He restored the lost relationship between humanity and the Heavenly Father.

Today we will gather in celebration of the resurrection and spend time with family,  hunt eggs (our 18 year old asked if he could join in this year) and take time to be thankful for the time travel that took place over 2,000 years ago.



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