Even in the Why

Even in the why
In the middle of the night I say
You are good
Though my prayers are heard
The response is Yours, God
You are good

When the arrows fly
I will stand behind the truth
You are good
You tell my heart be still
And so God I will ’cause I know
That You’re good

Those lyrics from Rita Springer’s song, You Never Change, off her Album Battles, have been echoing in my heart for the past week. Last Sunday, Toby’s Uncle Jerry suffered a massive heart attack. Monday night, standing in ICU while holding his hand, the thought never occurred to me that he would not make it. As Toby prayed for his healing, I just KNEW that God’s response would be Yes.

But it wasn’t. I’m not a Bible Theologian. My faith and trust in the Lord doesn’t stem from my understanding of  the Greek language or the Hebrew Torah. I guess you could say that I’m pretty simple in my relationship with God.

I don’t like something, He hears about it. I don’t think He’s doing something correctly He hears about it. I’m hurting and wounded, He knows because I tell Him. I’ve been through some things in my life, we’ve been through some things in our marriage and family, but I can say this, in all the things, all the stuff, the good, bad and ugly I’ve never stopped loving God. Question Him? Sure, I’m human but even in my questions I’ve never thought of jumping ship in my walk with the Lord. He is the one constant in my life and I do trust Him, totally and completely. When He performs miracles and opens doors, and pours down blessings He is Good. When the miracles don’t come, when the doors shut, when it seems that the heavens are closed, even now as we load the car to drive to Oklahoma for a funeral we never imagined would happen,He is Good.  Even in the why, the hurt, the grief, I can say with blessed assurance that He is Good.



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  1. Jerry was a man of great integrity & he loved God with all his heart. It was nice, listening to him talk about the end times, to my husband. We had the pleasure meeting him one Sunday in Oklahoma City. He came to sing with The JubilHeirs, as we ministered in song that day. That was the first time we had met him, & I knew after listening to him talk to my husband about God, I knew he was a very likable man. He has now joined my husband, in Heaven, who passed five months ago!

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