International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all the first responders and military women that grace the earth. The ones who are first on the scene of a tragedy, the ones who run to the problem and the danger. The women who put others freedoms and lives ahead of their own. The ones who are brave and strong; bold and daring.

I’m not just talking about the women who drive the vehicles with siren and lights or the ones who are oversees or embedded in war zones. No, I’m wishing a Happy International Women’s Day to all women because we are ALL first responders and military personal. While we might not answer those calls physically due to our jobs; we most certainly answer them emotionally and spiritually.

As women we are the first responders to our children, spouses, family and friends. We respond to their wants and needs, we bandage the hurt knees and hurt feelings. We fiercely protect them at all cost. We raise bastions of prayer around them, fighting battles that will often never be told.

In a whisper we can silence the voices of hell and in a roar we can summon the angels. Yes. We fight fires and stop injustices, we love the weak and stand up for the underprivileged.

Many of us, most of us, have not only responded to tragedy but we ourselves have created infernos of chaos, and hurt. And other women have responded, showing us that just as they did, we too can rise like the Phoenix, more beautiful and powerful than before.

And as we overcome the messes we have created, as the first responders of amazing women have reached down to help us, ran to the fire for us and cleaned up the hurt, we can look around and rush to the scene of a crime, ready to help and ready to be of service ready to love, because we are not victims but survivors. And not just survivors, we are first responders and military women.

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’s DAY to all the bold, brave and beautiful women that grace this earth. He gives beauty for ashes and you my friends are stunning.



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