2019. Not the Best Year.

2019. It wore us out mentally, physically, emotionally. Amidst downsizing and learning how to operate in less we walked through unimaginable grief and loss. We grew and experienced all the pains that come with growth. I want to say this year was our best yet but it wasn’t, and I am learning to be okay with that; because sometimes what we think is the best really isn’t FOR THE BEST.

For the best. Psalms 145:19 “He (God) does what’s best for those who fear (reverence) Him- He hears them call out, and saves them. (MSG)” That’s how I am looking at 2019. What was BEST for #teambohl wasn’t necessarily the easiest or most pleasant for us but it was the BEST for us.

Heading into 2020 we are not just optimistic or hopeful for a better year but we are believing that God gives us a year that is full of THE BEST FOR US. I’m praying that each of you have a year of best as well as a year that is FOR THE BEST.

Happy New Year!



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