When Storms Rage

There’s a story in Mark 4:35-38, when Jesus silences the wind and waves with a simple command “Peace. Be. Still.” The thing that stands out to me is Jesus was sleeping IN the boat and the disciples thought they were going to die, even though earlier that day they had witnessed him cast out demons, heal the sick and teach the multitudes; yet they lost their minds when the wind began to blow and the waves crashed into the boat.

I imagine as they hung on for dear life, yelling his name and rousing Him from His sleep it wasn’t irritation that was in voice when He calmed their fears. Sure, He asked them why they had so little faith, but I think it was question out of compassion rather than condemnation, almost like a father comforting a child after waking from a nightmare; “Shhh. Why are you scared? Daddy is here.”

I have harshly judged these men in the Bible for their lack of belief, because if I had been a follower of Christ during that time and witnessed all the miracles that He did, I would NEVER have been afraid like they were, and I wouldn’t worry because Jesus was right there in the boat.

And then something happens, like a job loss, a bad report, a (ahem) pandemic, and when the “and thens” take place I find myself being tossed to and fro feeling like I’m about to be consumed by an angry sea. Suddenly I’m looking a lot like those twelve guys in the boat, as I try to bail the water out of the capsizing ship of life, running back and forth on the deck, shaking my fist at the weather, begging and pleading for it to be calm when the whole time, Jesus is there and all I need to do is wake Him.

My job is not to calm the storm, it’s to wake the One who rules over the storm.

The One who created us is not unaware of the storms that surround us, but perhaps He is waiting for us to finally “wake Him” for the purpose of requesting His intervention. Could it be He desires for us to yell His name in the midst of the squall because His interaction will bring glory to His name? Maybe He sleeps in the boat because He is, waiting for someone to request Him to stand up and speak those three words, Peace. Be. Still.

XO, Gena

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