“So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good.” Galatians 6:9 MSG

Last year I went to the optometrist after battling, for months, headaches and sore eyes. At the end of my exam I was told I had 2020 vision, so imagine my confusion when my eye doctor prescribed me with bifocals. Sensing my skepticism, the good Doc explained that I was experiencing eye fatigue and in order to correct it, my vision needed to be refocused, and a new pair of specs, that I could “wear when needed”, would do the trick.

My doubts about the doctor’s diagnosis increased as I tried to adjust to the bifocals and figure out what the phrase “when needed” meant. I finally got the hang of it and now, when I feel my eyes becoming tired, I throw on my glasses and the lenses refocus my sight, taking pressure off my eyes and keeping headaches at bay. Are my eyes bad? No, not at all, but when my focus becomes fatigued my optic muscles and nerves need help with readjustment.

When I read the above scripture, I think I understand a little bit about what Paul was talking about when he said not to become fatigued doing good. We can look at this and say let’s not become tired doing a good job or being our best, but if you read further in the chapter Paul is telling the Galatians to help others, starting with the people closest to them in the community of faith.

God wants us to DO GOOD, not just be good. Now, my “good” that I am doing will look different from yours but whatever the good is that God has called us to do, if we are not careful, we can become fatigued in our efforts.

Just like my eyes, focus and fatigue go hand in hand. I don’t have to wear my glasses all the time but I do need to wear them whenever my eyes need help. Spiritual, mental, and emotional fatigue can be fixed if we refocus on what it is that God wants US to do and the GOOD that He has told US to do. “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” are the lenses we should be looking through.

Recap: If we are focusing on what others have been called to do and not what we are supposed to do, we can become fatigued. Adjusting our focus on Jesus and what He has asked of us is the best way to combat burnout and fatigue.

Challenge: If you have found yourself becoming “weary in well doing” in what God has called you to do, take inventory in your life. Ask yourself “ why am I tired?” “Why do I feel spiritually, mentally, physically, or emotionally drained?” Ask the Lord to reveal what is causing the fatigue, then ask Him to refocus your vision on the good that He wants YOU to do.

Xoxo, Gena

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