“We have this hope as an anchor for our soul. Firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19 NIV

Step foot on any boat, and among the equipment, there is sure to be anchor. Anchors are heavy, usually rusted and dirty. They aren’t on display as decoration and when an anchor is doing it’s job, it’s unseen.

The anchors only job is to hold the boat steady. It’s not designed to remove the boat from the storm, but to keep the boat afloat on the waves and secure in-spite of the elements surrounding it. The anchor keeps the boat from capsizing.

When people talk about having hope it can feel like some sort of etheral idea or fleeting thought, but hope is more than just a nice feeling. It is a heavy, hard core, unseen, rusted piece of equipment designed to hold us steady in the midst of life’s storms.

Having hope does not make our circumstances change, it does not provide for our needs, it can not heal our bodies or save a lost soul.

HOPE keeps us from going under in the waves of the trauma, tragedies and disappointments of life. Jesus is our hope and our anchor that will keep us upright in this upside down world.

Recap: A boat does not sail with it’s anchor in the water, it’s used when storms begin to rage and waves start to crash. We must use hope as an anchor, one that we can toss over the side of our ship to remain steady when the storms of life blow in on our once peaceful sea.

Challenge: When you begin to feel overwhelmed and start to question why things are happening, rather than allowing life to toss you overboard, throw the anchor of Hope into the water and allow it to keep you steady until the storm passes.

Xoxo, Gena

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