“God created human beings in His own image. In the image of God He created them; male and female He created them” Genesis 1:27 NLT

On many evenings breathtaking sunsets fill the sky across the globe and cause people snap pictures that “kind of” do justice to the colors that blaze through the horizon. Most of the time those pictures are posted on social media with a caption about how great of an Artist God is, or how amazing His Masterpiece looks, and rightfully so, because the hues and colors God paints with are from the deepest blue of the seas, the darkest purple of the flowers and the brightest oranges from the volcanos.

As we stand in awe at the majesty that surrounds us we are quick to tip our head to the splendor of the Creator but we seem to forget to give those accolades to the artist when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Rather than stare with bated breath at our reflections and marvel at how intricately we are made or how resilient we can be, we critique the painting before us. How can we acknowledge the beauty around us and yet despise the greatest work that God has ever fashioned, the very humans He breathed life into?

Being made in His image is more than our physical bodies. His image is also strength, dignity, worthiness, radical love, grace, mercy and so many others it would take a life time to list them and because He created in HIS IMAGE, we are all those things as well. We REFLECT God! We aren’t a still life or a landscape we are in fact a self portrait of the King of the Universe.

Recap: As the mirror image of God we are all of His attributes and we are the greatest masterpiece in the world.

Challenge: The next time you look at a sunset and think about how beautiful it is and creative God is, flip the camera around and look at yourself and realize that the SAME God who created this amazing and incredible world, created you to mirror HIM.

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