Teambohl Deck the Halls Tour

It’s no secret that I LOVE to decorate and Christmas is one of my favorite holidays to go all out for. So here’s a peek at the decked halls inside TeamBohl HQ.


Decorating the fireplace mantle is by far my most favorite thing to do. This year, I used some of my artificial Christmas ferns from previous years to create this waterfall look. I just used wire clippers and snipped each branch off the main one and then laid them across the mantle. To keep them secure I used gaff tape to tape the bottom layer then just laid the rest of the branches on top. The magnolia leaves are courtesy of a dear friend who let me help myself to her tree.

Our house is mostly black and white to begin with, so keeping those elements and adding green and red to the color pallet kept it simple and didn’t require a ton of changing out of decorations.

Pop of Red

Adding fluffy blankets in deep reds is an easy way to bring some Christmas cheer to different areas of our house, and they come in handy on those chilly nights.

Dining Room

The window seat in the dining room is the perfect place to display my vintage Santa collection with a nod to the lodge look my husband loves. The boards are from my great, great, great, grandparents barn and they are one of our most prized possessions .

Normally I go all out decorating the dining room table, but we eat at it almost every night so removing everything and resetting it is just an extra chore that cuts into family time. This year it’s simple and easy. Also, those horns hanging in the background are from my Papa’s ranch and the stockings are hung with care on a stocking holder nestled under the table.

Coffee Hutch

The main hub our house, the coffee hutch, got in on the holiday spirit with some garland, trees and vintage coffee mugs on display from my grandparents house. I love how they bring back memories of drinking hot chocolate with my cousins on Christmas morning.

Entry Way

My husband inherited his grandparents piano and I love how it looks in the glow of the tree. I keep the decor simple and unobtrusive so our musician can still practice unhindered.

Front Room

I should name this blog “Throwback to my childhood Christmas” because those couches were also my grandparents and they were in what my cousins and I dubbed “the Christmas room” because that’s where my Nana put the tree and where we dove into our gifts on Christmas morning. I love how they bring an old school glam to the front room.


So this tree literally takes me 45 minutes to set up and decorate. It’s in three pieces and as each piece comes out of the bag, it flops open. Because the branches are heavily crystallized there’s no fluffing involved. I love the ease of it so much, that last year when the pre-lit lights went out, we bought LED strands and used them. Honestly it’s so pretty it doesn’t need ornaments, but I’m a traditionalist and ornaments it must have. The star on top is a paper star which is light and easy to secure and the branches are perfect for the weight of the metal banner.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and maybe got some inspiration for your home and if you did , please make sure to tag me in your photos, I love to see how people take ideas and make them their own!

Merry Christmas! Gena

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