Winter Wonderland

December 25 has come and gone and I find myself in that place of missing my Christmas decorations, loving the extra space that comes with taking the tree down, but not ready for our “normal” decor.

This year, as I set about packing away the Santas, and ornaments, I decided to try something new and I’m so glad I did because what I’m currently viewing in my home is not Christmas but WINTER. The season we are in and one that should be acknowledged for it’s ethereal beauty of bare trees, hues of white and gray and the color of the evergreens that stand tall and proud.

A few changes to the holly jolly decked halls and we have morphed to a winter wonderland. By removing the red hues and any other decorations that scream Christmas, I have been able to fill awkward transition from Christmas to the winter months before spring.

I removed all hints of red from the mantle, and opted for some pine tree twigs for my vases, the wreath with the moose looked enough like winter so she stayed. (Plus she’s really cute)

I hope this gives you ideas to use in your own home. Please feel free to share your creativity with me. XOXO, Gena

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