Gena Bohl is unashamedly a lover of Jesus and people. She has been head over heels in love and married to her best friend, Toby, for over 24 years and together they manage the beautiful chaos called Team Bohl which includes four kids and 1 dog, as well as their own company TG Productions. She founded Stunningly Strong in 2017 out of a place of personal brokenness brought on by her own doing, believing that even in the midst of the wreckage and ashes she created, God could use it as a platform to reach other women. Authenticity in the struggle of life, motherhood and womanhood is important to her and she wants women to see that their whole story, even the incredibly ugly chapters, can be redeemed and used as an encouragement to others. A gifted writer and public speaker she is using the talents God has given her to empower, encourage and lead a group of women warriors rising from the ashes and becoming Stunningly Strong.