I’m am so honored that you have taken time out of your day (or night) to stop by Stunningly Strong.

For months, I have dreamed about this site. What I would call it. Who it would reach. What I hoped it would accomplish. And in the midst of all the dreaming, all the thinking, all the planning, one word resonated within me STRENGTH.

I know that all of us have been through things. Hard things. Things that shatter us, that leave us gasping for breath. The “If I can just get through this, I can make it through anything” moments.

I also know that we can rise from those moments, stronger and more stunning than before. Beauty for Ashes. That’s what it is.

Originally, I was just going to sell makeup, because I love makeup and I am, un-ashamedly, a product junkie.

But then, then something happened and this whole thing went from makeup to a movement.  A movement that says we will Rise from the Ashes and become Stunningly Strong.

PS: Yes, I’m still selling make up – Check out the Facebook Page Stunningly Strong Beauty – Shameless plug:)

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