Filtered Life

This. Is. A. Clap Back. A clap back at the App makers who came up with the photoable_app, Instagram and social media in general. I am Gena. I am the founder and creator of Stunningly Strong “It’s more than makeup it’s a movement.”  A movement that says we will embrace who

Swim Towards Land!

Don’t Look Down! Swim directly towards land! Don’t Look Down! Swim Directly Towards Land! I stood in the midst of 500+ swimmers on Saturday, listening to those words being repeated over and over again, as I prepared to jump 12 feet off a ferry into the fast moving water of

June’s Stunningly Strong Woman Stephanie

I’ve started the intro for June’s Stunningly Strong Woman at least a 100 times. Every time I  would write something it seemed, I don’t know, trite. How do you describe someone like Stephanie Harrison in just a short paragraph? I guess I can start by telling you she was my

Twenty Years to Life

Twenty years. That’s a long time, or it’s not, depending on what context you are thinking of twenty years in. Twenty years could seem like forever to a convicted  felon. Twenty years seems so young to me now that I am forty but when I was ten, twenty seemed like

Hold Loosely

This week has been an up and down twist and turn emotional roller coaster. I have experienced the highs of having a Senior who got accepted to the college of his choice with scholarships. I have experienced the lows of having a high school Senior who got accepted to the

Dear Heavenly Mother

Motherhood is hard. So. Freaking. Hard.

This Does NOT Define Me

This was hard to write. Harder to publish. It’s real. It’s raw.

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