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Boycotting “A Thanks A Day”

The past two weeks my Timehop feed has been full of previous social media post where I’ve started each day with “A Thanks A Day” from November 1-Thanksgiving. While I love looking back at what I have been grateful for; this year I decided not to participate in the November

High Grace

This morning, I was reading through my journal and came across an entry from August 2016. Our family had just experienced a major life transition and I was finding myself in a season that could have been fraught with anxiety and frustration. My top five strengths according to The Clifton

Hold Loosely

This week has been an up and down twist and turn emotional roller coaster. I have experienced the highs of having a Senior who got accepted to the college of his choice with scholarships. I have experienced the lows of having a high school Senior who got accepted to the

Dear Heavenly Mother

Motherhood is hard. So. Freaking. Hard.

The Experience of Disney

One week ago today we walked into our house completely wiped out after spending spring break week at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Trust me when I tell you that Disney is one of the most exhausting vacations you’ll ever take, but it’s also one of the most magical

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