No is still an Answer

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Our family has been praying for something specific since April. Our prayer request was tied to a deadline in mid July and we all felt that God would answer our prayer, because it would be a huge pivotal moment for TeamBohl and in turn change the trajectory of where we were headed. We felt so assured that it would happen.

And then….it didn’t. As a parent you never want your children’s faith to waiver, especially when they follow your lead and have faith that rivals your own, so what do you say to your kids when what they have been believing for does not take place?

“Yes” I told our 12 year old when he asked me if our prayer had been answered, “But, what we asked for is not going to happen.” His disappointment and confusion were obvious as he replied “I thought you said God answered our prayer?” In that moment I didn’t want him to think that the prayer wasn’t answered, because it was. It just wasn’t the answer WE wanted.

None of our prayers go unanswered. However, when we don’t get the response we want, we are quick to say, “God doesn’t care, He’s not listening, so why even pray, or believe?” No and wait. Those are answers just like Yes, but they are the ones we don’t like to hear.

As parents, we have never said yes to all of our children’s request. No, not now, and wait, have been replies to various petitions and those replies have been for various reasons, not all of them understood by our kids, but made with their best interests in mind. God is our perfect Father. Not a better version of our earthly fathers but THE PERFECT FATHER, so when He answers with something besides yes, we have to trust that it is the BEST answer for us.

What do we do when the answer is no? Even if the request, like ours, would help, not just us, but other people? Well, just like I told our son, we don’t stop praying, we don’t stop conversations with the Lord, we thank Him for answering the prayer, because He did, we ask Him to help us understand the reason, and we trust Him that even when it doesn’t make sense to our minds, we know He is the Perfect Father and He knows what is best for us.



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  1. Twelve years ago, the seed of a dream took root in our hearts. Almost two years ago, we were certain it was time to start moving forward on making that dream a reality. There have been several “almosts” and “not quite yet” moments recently. We still believe this dream is God’s plan and are doing everything we can to make it happen while trying to be patient for His timing. It has been especially hard on the children as we have cut ties and avoided committing to things that could hinder this plan. Twelve years ago, we thought it was a no, but now we are hopeful it was a not yet. I still know for sure He hears and answers in His time. Thanks for the open and honest reminder that we are not alone and that timing—and even “no” answers—are the work of a Good Father who sees the end from the beginning and always answers when we call.

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