October’s Stunningly Strong Woman: Kristi Kennedy

October. The month that welcomes fall with hopefully cooler weather, changing of leaves and wardrobe updates from sandals and shorts to boots and jeans. Oh, and pumpkin spice everything. It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND Bullying Awareness Month. For the past year I have worked off and on with an organization called Bee Friendly Boot Camp. It’s a paperless, all digital, Disney style, anti-bullying/suicide prevention program for elementary schools. You see, what we have observed and studied is that by the time kids get to middle school and high school it’s too late to introduce an anti-bullying program. We need to be in the elementary schools teaching the students how to have character, leadership, compassion and social/emotional EQ. We NEED the next, next generations to be ones that are “sheepdogs”. To be the ones who are on the lookout for those that are being picked on and bullied, and we need to make sure they have the tools necessary to speak out on behalf of those kids. We underestimate our children when we say, “Well, they’re young, it’s a lot to ask of them to stand up on behalf of someone who is being bullied.” To which I say, “Have you read the story of David and Goliath?”

David and Goliath, that’s what I think of when I think of Kristi. She is tiny but mighty and has this bulldog fortitude that I don’t think I possess. I’ve watched her and her five children walk through some of the most unbelievable hardships and weather some of the toughest storms and the entire time I have never ONCE seen or heard her faith waiver. Bee Friendly Boot Camp is her labor of love, a long, long, long labor of love. I want you to read her story and then to pray about what you can do. You see Bee Friendly can be used across the ENTIRE U.S. in EVERY SCHOOL.14705638_10154189255528759_7801273532645680203_n

After reading her story, if you feel like there are schools in your area that could benefit let us know, reach out to us and let us help you get this program in the hands of teachers and school administrations. If you want to have access to Bee Friendly in your own home and have lessons available to your kids 24/7 on a Netflix type setting, you can join Bee Friendly Family. There are so many ways to help us target the next generation and to raise children who are compassionate leaders, full of character with the social and emotional EQ. You can checkout Bee Friendly here: https://beefriendlybootcamp.com/

To join the Bee Friendly Family click here: https://beefriendlybootcamp.com/family/


Below is the link for Kristi’s story. While I did not write the article I was the Project Manager for the publication in which it was written and I got to have a hand in helping with the story, after all, why reinvent the wheel?


Xoxo, Gena

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